Hello Guys, This is me, Snehal Dutta. This is my first blog going to be live. I am really excited and ecstatic that I really writing a blog….. A few months I was reluctant to write an essay for my English Language paper but to everyone’s surprise and my surprise, I scored 90 in English. One day, I just gave thought to maintain a diary. So, infused tech with diary writing and came up with the idea of blogs.

This blog page “What’s in my mind “ is a platform where I share different blogs and articles about different topics like science, computer programming, the stock market, and lots more …… Sometimes, my personal experience.

I would request my blog readers to appreciate the blogs and share them with family and friends.

Stay happy, stay positive!!!




I am an introverted guy who is shy of strangers and is not a camera-friendly person. So, I don’t make Reels or YouTube videos.